• Buyer API
    Buyer API
    The Buyer API (formally known as Demand API) aims to allow Cint's clients to build technical integrations where their systems communicate directly with the Cint platform in order to buy online sample in a fully automated way.

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  • yoursurveys api
    YourSurveys API
    YourSurveys powered by Cint is a single-entry router link ideal for a quick integration that takes minimal development work.View Documentation
  • Connect API
    Connect API
    The Connect API is a programming interface that allows you to access data directly from Cint's Connect product. The primary use is to extract data about ongoing campaigns and profiling data from the exposed audience. View Documentation
  • profiling data api
    Profiling data API
    The profiling data API is a programming interface that allows you to access profiling data stored on tracked users. the primary use is to extract the profiling data of users who are already mapped within Cint's platform. View Documentation
  • panel api (cdp)
    Panel API (cdp)
    The Cint panel API provides a simple Restful interface for managing your panel and panelists, as well as acting as a programmatic supplier of survey respondents via Cint. View Documentation